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Hassle Free Watermelon Cutting


Hassle Free Watermelon Cutting
Time Taken:01 minutes

Tools Required
Cutting Board
Sharp Knife

How to do it?
Place the watermelon on a sturdy cutting board. Cut in half and then cut half into quarters.
Take the quarter, cut across vertically like you would to make slices, till you reach the core. Do not cut all the way.
Now on one side cut it horizontally about 1 inch apart, about 2-3 horizontal cuts depending on the size of the cube you want.
Turn to the other side and cut along the same horizontal lines.
Now run your knife close to the core and cut close to the white portion to remove the watermelon from the core, so the pieces come loose.
The juice is all captured in the cup formed by the watermelon core. No fuss and no mess.


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